Gospel Gossip


Recently, I was lucky enough to find a carelessly discarded and marked-down copy of Gospel Gossip’s new album at Reckless Records here in Chicago. I paid $2 for an album whose sonic and emotional value is worth much more than that! The Minnesota-based trio is quite the unique act when it comes to dividing themselves away from the current popular electronic/80s nostalgia trends (as much as I do love them) of dream pop, and yet at the same time they sound very steeped in remembrance of mid-’90s americana.

The whole album is a ramshackle affair of loose, chiming guitar chords and Sarah Nienaber’s soft-soul anguish, all slathered in reverb, reverb, reverb! “Dreamawake” encapsulates this quite well - there is a strong connotation of a wistful winter night, almost like you’re looking out the window wondering if a certain someone is thinking about you, watching the snowfall through filters of street lights and passing cars. The haggard yearning of it all is so genuinely gorgeous.

On top of that, the trio make sure to drip ghostly guitar syrup into many of the songs, so hazed and amorphous that they often slide into pure shoegaze territory. If you’ve ever wanted more earthy, heartful soul out of your dreamy music catalog, Gospel Gossip is definitely a place you’ll want to explore. 


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